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Awards & Achievements

2019/2020 Season

Legacy- Just Believe

  • Prodigy 1st place Mini Prep 1

  • Symphony 1st place Youth prep 1 and Grand Champs

  • Destiny 2nd place Junior prep 1

  • Royalty 1st place Senior 1 and Grand Champs

  • Prophecy 3rd place Junior 2

  • Majesty 1st place Senior 2, Grand Champs and Overall Performance Award.

  • Trinity 4th place Senior 3 Co-Ed.

  • Serenity 1st place SEN division.


Future Cheer- Spotlight Showdown

  • Prodigy 1st place Mini Prep 1

  • Symphony 2nd place Youth prep

  • Destiny 5th place Junior prep 1

  • Royalty 3rd place Senior 1

  • Prophecy 1st place Junior 2

  • Majesty 2nd place Senior 2

  • Trinity 1st place Senior 3 Co-Ed.


Maj champs legacy.jpg

Majesty 1st place Grand Champions and Overall Performance Legacy Just Believe

proph champs.jpg

Prophecy 1st place at Future Cheer Spotlight Showdown

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