Rob Horton

Rob first joined AEC as an athlete in 2003. Since then he has competed for AEC both nationally and internationally- most notably as a two-time World's athlete when he was part of AEC's senior co-ed team. He has also enjoyed successes on Legacy and most recently, AEC's R-5 team Eternity.

Over the 16 years that Rob has been a part of the programme he has assisted in the coaching of a number of its youth level teams including Cheer Extreme, Harmony and Prodigy. This year he will again be coaching AEC's senior level 2 team, Majesty.

In September 2016, Rob became a full-time member of staff at AEC, taking on the role of business development manager and tumble coach. He will work closely with athletes by motivating them to achieve excellence outside of the gym, as well as in it.

Rob leads the AEC Soar clinics and runs RH Cheer Clinics, where he visits teams and gyms around the country assisting them in their tumble progressions. 


  • USASF Level 1-5 in stunts, tumbles & tosses

  • Safeguarding and protecting children

  • Enhanced DBS checked.

  • BA Hons English Literature

  • Qualified English Teacher