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Ascension Eagles - Royaly

royalty champs.jpg

Royalty, home to our senior level 1 athletes.

This team Works hard, supports each other, and pushes themselves to new limits. It's the very reason they were crowned National Champions in the 2018/2019 season. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, they were unable to defend this title last season.  But now they are back in the gym training to reclaim their throne.

Our ladies of the crown are ready to go big again this season! 

I'm really impressed and Proud to see how much progress my athletes is making in such a short space of time and how talented all the athletes are at AEC, you are all amazing.

Just over a year later and she has gone from not being able to do a cartwheel to doing them one handed running, plus building her confidence in her back handspring. I am proud she is a returning member of  AEC and a National Champion.

AEC Parent

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