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Sammie Bromley

Angela Brown


  • USASF Level 1-4 in stunts, tumbles & tosses

  • Safeguarding and protecting children

  • Emergency sports first aid certification

  • Enhanced DBS checked.

Sammie has been a part of the Ascension Eagles family since 1997 when she began as a mini athlete. Through her 23 years of involvement, Sammie competed in each age group, and successfully won National titles in each division. She was one of the few athletes selected for the first Junior Team UK.


Sammie considers herself fortunate to have represented her country, as well as the AEC programme, in various Countries including Scotland, Finland, Germany,  France & the USA. She also had the honour of competing 3 times at the prestigious Cheerleading World Championships in Florida, USA, alongside the world's top one percent of cheerleaders.


For more than 6 years, Sammie has been recognised as one of the best community coaches, as she trains novice athletes in an average of five schools per week. Within a ten week period, Coach Sammie consistently equips young cheerleaders with the skills they need to perform with confidence at borough-wide Showcase events. Her teams regularly achieve exceptional results at the school competition events.

We are delighted to have Sammie serving as Head Coach for Prophecy and working as our Social Media Manager (SMM).


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