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To mark our 21st season we intended to do something exciting that would really set the bar for the way we wanted to enjoy the year. One hashtag and one fashion show later and we thought we were there. But then, as is often the way, we were presented with something so much bigger than ourselves. Sofie Lynott, cousin to AEC Prophecy Athlete Aliyah Moncrieffe, is battling a rare and incredibly aggressive form of Cancer known as Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour. Originally, we intended to fundraise for AEC using the fashion show and other such events. However, as soon as we were made aware of this, the decision to donate to Sofie’s Just Giving page was a natural one.

At time of writing, the 17th October 2016, we have donated £500 and are hoping to be able to match that by the end of the year- we have a Halloween party and Christmas party that we hope will get us to the line. This isn’t to advertise us as a great company, but to illustrate the enormity of the task Sofie's family have to face. Cancer waits on no one and so we have to move fast. Sofie has recently been taken off her current treatment as her body can no longer stand the suffering. With each cycle it becomes more and more unbearable. Consequently, her treatment is now less investigative. As you can imagine, her parents, family and friends are distraught and will continue to do whatever they can.

There is an option, but it is a costly one. In Germany, there is treatment available that could very well save Sofie’s life. However, the cost of this treatment is £40,000. Although we are proud of the £500 we have raised and donated, it barely scratches the deficit that remains. Presently, Sofie’s fundraising page stands at £11,708, 29% of their target goal. We will continue to fundraise in the hope that Sofie may be able to receive the treatment that could procure her life. To those reading, we implore you to do the same. Sofie is a teenage girl; a girl where the best years of her life should be in front of her, not behind her. The smallest of donations could make that happen. If you can, give what you can- whatever that may be.

To one family, and particularly one girl, it’s all the riches of the world. To make a contribution to this cause, please click HERE

Article by Rob Horton

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