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"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." Albert Einstein

Do you use technology? Are you on the phone a little too much? Yes! This device-filled world has consumed our social behaviour, turning your children into robotic, anti-social characters. Things like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are controlling our actions and our views of the world- this is not good! Young girls are becoming self-conscious and feeling 'ugly' due to this idea of 'perfect' flooding the internet. They are seeing models that have been heavily photo-shopped and are calling them pretty even though they are completely fake and altered; this is not pretty, it's conditioning! Young boys believe they are not 'good enough' due to not being able to do a certain football skill that they've seen on Youtube. These stereotypical views of what is acceptable are taking over the psychological mind-sets of the younger generations... all because of technology!

I am addressing this to you directly, would you like your child growing up unsociable and glued to their phones, laptops or Playstations?

A recent survey showed that in 2012, the number of internet users increased by 8.8% to 2.4 billion! This is a whopping 34% of the population. Also, it has been recorded that we spend 12% of our time on a mobile device. we are gradually becoming more anti-social and are becoming more, and more involved with technology. Once again, this is not good! These statistics will continue to increase unless we try to make a change!

Near the start of last year, 2015, my phone was the only thing I cared about. Everywhere I went I had my phone on me. My eyes were attached! I wouldn't watch a film, I wouldn't eat a meal with my family and I wouldn't socialise with anyone. All because of a device. I soon realised my actions and changed, I am no longer spending 23 hours a day on my phone like before. This is how the world should be, we should realise we are obsessed with these forms of technology and take action to become less committed to our devices and more devoted to our family and friends.

Although, I understand that phones and other platforms can come in handy, such as: if there's an emergency we can call someone off our phones, or if we need to quickly search something up then the internet is running and ready to help immediately. However, I am not saying that we cannot use technology, I am saying that we are over-using it and just as Einstein stated: "technology has exceeded our humanity."

Overall, I agree with Einstein and believe that in this day and age technology is what we live for and rely on, but this should not be the case. Do you think we should continue to be incredibly dependant on technology? I don't.

Disown the phone, be social, be known.

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