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Black Friday Cometh...

Tomorrow is Black Friday, a post Thanksgiving American tradition adopted by us Brits; a day of sales and bargains that continues over the weekend to Cyber Monday.

This year, it is estimated that over £1.96 billion will be spent on Black Friday alone- an astronomical amount! It's not surprising though, as many a spender will be buying gifts for their loved ones in time for Christmas, while hoping to save a few 'quid.' Smart thinking.

It is also projected that 30% of shoppers will peruse the internet for bargains- again, smart thinking; no body needs that kind of chaos on the high street! But this is where I sense an opportunity. How many of us will be using sites like Amazon, Argos, Next and Ebay among so many others? Plenty! It just so happens that these companies work with The Giving Machine.

For those of you who have not heard of the Giving Machine before, it’s based on a really simple but powerful idea, and it makes giving to charity easy and at no extra cost for you the buyer.

All you need to do is:

1. Log into the giving machine and using their search engine you search the shop, then the product you want to buy. 2. Once bought, your purchase automatically generates a sales commission. 3. As a charity and not-for-profit organisation, the commission you’ve generated is turned into a charitable donation and it is passed on to your chosen cause- US, hopefully.

That’s it! But your input could have a significant impact on the revenue the Ascension Eagles generate, making it an even better place for our athletes to grow and develop.

Click HERE to follow a link to the site so you can get started.

Need help, no problem! Email me at and I'll send you a guidance document.

Happy Spending!

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