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Ascension Eagles December Showcase!

On Friday the 9th December the Ascension Eagles held their annual Showcase event at the Excel Centre, Docklands. This is always a huge event mixed with a blend of excitement and anxiety- for athletes, they are finally able to perform their routines to their friends and families; for coaches, it is when they can see how people respond to their team’s routine.

Seven of the eight Eagle teams were in attendance ranging from mini level 1 team Prodigy, through to senior restricted 5, Eternity. All teams gave great performances and really displayed how hard they’ve been working since September exhibiting excellent skill progressions and team cohesion.

Asta Subbotiniene parent to AEC athlete Auguste of Destiny said, ‘I loved seeing all of AEC’s teams performing and having a great time, particularly as they were all there together! During training, you don’t get to see them as one, but at events like this you are able to see how important it is to so many people!’ Harmony coach Laura Arnold echoed this sentiment, ‘It was great to see the whole programme together and wearing our 21st season t-shirt, it really showed just how big the AEC family is! I really liked being able to see my team perform in front of their families, like all the hard work everyone is investing is really beginning to pay off- both for the athletes, and their parents who have to commit to the training schedule and travelling time. On a personal note, I took great pride in watching Harmony perform, but was also able to think about ways in which we could improve. It was also great to see what the other teams have been getting up to and how much they too have progressed. I really believe this is going to be an exciting year for AEC!’

Angela Green, AEC director and Head Choreographer had this to say about the day: ‘Although it’s my 21st season with AEC, I continue to be amazed by all that the coaches and athletes are able to achieve in such a short amount of time between September and December- starting with the basics and managing to progress to the point where they all have great routines! I really enjoyed seeing the AEC family performing together in one space and hope their parents enjoyed the performances as much as I did. I don’t like to wish time away as a rule, but I genuinely can’t wait until February 18th so I can see them perform again at the Legacy competition to be held in the Copperbox stadium at the Olympic Park. What made the day even more special was seeing so many family members and friends there enjoying the performances and celebrating their athlete’s achievements; it really puts everything we do into perspective.’

The day ran incredibly smoothly, and this is due to the support of the excellent Excel staff. The centre was really busy due to so many events running alongside our own- a business day for school and college students, as well as certain convention for those who are partial to gaming and Pokémon. Without their kindness, and at times direction, the day would not have been as nearly as successful as it was. Thank you Excel Staff!

This was our last ‘BIG’ event of 2016, and we are so pleased to be able to finish on a high. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…See you all in 2017!

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