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Ascension Eagles Achieve Gold At Olympic Stadium!

The Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders first competitive outing of the season at the Copperbox Stadium Olympic Park, was an overwhelming success, achieving four first place and three second place trophies alongside an inspirational performance from their SEN team, Serenity. A return like this gives coaches and athletes a lot to aspire for over the next few months as teams begin to make preparations for the road to nationals. The step-up for nationals is always huge because it is a time where teams hit their physical peak, so you can guarantee that AEC will do all it can to continue the success it has enjoyed so far.

Angela Green, Director and Head Choreographer, had this to say about the weekend: “To have the opportunity to watch the growth in our athletes not just across the month but in some cases across years makes it all worthwhile. The young men and women we are seeing across our programme are something special and I hope that all the parents are just as blown away by all that they can achieve together as we are.”

Amanda Collison, parent to new Destiny and Majesty member Abbie, reflected on the welcoming nature of AEC, and how it has allowed Abbie to grow in new ways: “it registers just how very lucky we are to have been welcomed into the AEC family. It's so much more than just the cheerleading. Our daughter has been made to feel so welcome by everyone, she has made new friends and has started to blossom with a new found confidence!”

Mel Brown, a 21 year veteran at AEC and coach to regional champions in the youth 2 division, Dynasty, said that “This weekend has really shown me why, after 21 years, I'm still committed to AEC. It gets difficult when we have to prioritise practice over so many other things but it's so worth it when I see all the memories we make along the way and to see the pride in all of our families' faces when our athletes take the stage and own it.”

Finally, first time performer with the Ascension Eagles in the R5 division and regional champion, Seren Ahmet was excited to say: So it was my first ever R5 comp last night with the Ascension Eagles. Such a new experience! So much love for this team - Continuous learning - giving thanks to my wonderful coaches and team!

With positivity like this flowing through the teams, it’s not surprising that athletes and coaches have high aspirations for the rest of the season. But there are no illusions. To succeed, you first have to work hard, which is what every other team in the country will be doing. So for AEC, it is a case of well-deserved celebration, but now it’s back to work. The road to nationals has begun.

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