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Deangate Turns Meangate

The Boys to Muddy Men after their first OCR

This was a tough ask, with barely 3 months of training we took on our first OCR (obstacle course race). Even with the hours of physical and mental preparation, a disciplined change in diet and constantly trying to raise our own personal bars, the course still took the best out of us; all 16km and 86 obstacles of it. But we made it. We ran, pushed, crawled, climbed, swam and swung to the finish line and as the picture shows, we were dead proud of ourselves.

But this was just the warm up. Our biggest challenge comes on the 7th May when we take on Tough Mudder. At 20km, this OCR separates the men from the boys, and with some of the toughest obstacles known to OCR racing, we’re going to have to be at our best. To be sure, we intend to take part in the Warrior Adrenaline Race, suitably shortened to the acronym W.A.R. Not to be intimidated, we’ve already made efforts to intensify our training schedules as well as altering our eating habits so that we can reap the awards physically, and mentally.

The easy question to ask is why would you do this to yourselves? Are you crazy? Thrill seekers? In part, yes. But we are also doing it for the Ascension Eagles, a fantastic charity helping to support the young people of Newham! As you will be aware from our Just Giving page, we are all boys local to Newham; the opportunity to fund raise for a charity that helps young people very much like we were is an opportunity too good to pass up.

To those who have sponsored us so far, both online and in cash donations, we would like to say thank you so much! If you’re reading this and hearing about our campaign for the first time, it would be awesome if you could sponsor us and support a charity that has been helping the young people of Newham for the past 21 years.

You can also follow our journey on our Instagram page.

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