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Team England: All-Girl Elite World Champions, CO-ED Silver

Four years ago Tori Rubin and I shared a vision that our country could unite and finally enter a true national team at the ICU World Championships. More than that, we hoped for a day where all of the UK community would come together and support each other in a way that we had not seen happen before in our industry.

Over the last 4 years we have worked alongside an incredible coaching staff and with countless talented athletes from across our country. Each year the journey has bought something special and memorable for all those taking part. The gold medal remained elusive but the change we saw across our industry between teams really made us feel like the purpose of Team England was being fulfilled. We were becoming a community.

This year, in the lead up to and during the World Championships, the support from all of the All-star teams, the families that came out, and everyone back home in England, was more than we ever could have hoped for all those years ago; so with one goal realised it was perfect that our second big goal was to come.

The performances by CO-ED were what I believe is the epitome of competitive cheerleading. I am so proud of that Silver medal; the athletes went out there and showed the world that our tiny country is capable of world calibre cheerleading! The routine and its energy will be an inspiration to so many, not only in our country but across the world!

All-Girl were an absolute pleasure to coach this season; from our very first practice we knew that we had something very special. They shared our vision, believed in our leadership and went out there and delivered the run of a lifetime! We couldn't have asked for a better culmination to this year's journey. I can't explain how proud I am to have stood beside them as England's national anthem played and to watch them all receive gold medals and rings.

To all those who believed in us, not just this year but every year, our sponsors, our families and all those from across our country, Thank you!

A special thank you to Darren Geddes and John Mellon for all the hard work they put in to make sure Team England's athletes had the best supporters ever!

on a more personal note, I am most grateful to the incredible group of people that I have had the pleasure of standing alongside during this long journey- Tori Rubin, Dave Kenworthy, Amanda Johnston, Sarah Biggs, Laura Pittaway, Ant Ridgway and Christopher Omoko - you have made every step of the journey that much more memorable and I am honoured to call you my friends.

Here's to next year.

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