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Introducing the 2017-2018 Junior Leadership Team

For those of you who know the Ascension Eagles, and its project Talent Central well, it will come as no surprise to you how seriously we take our position within the local community of Newham and it surrounding boroughs.

Through our programmes we are able to interact with 1000’s of young people annually, promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle via cheerleading and gymnastics.


Our cheerleading packages, both the Ascension Eagles and the Talent Central Schools programme, allows athletes to experience and be part of the rise of the country’s fastest growing sport!

Routines consist of tumbling, dance, jumps, stunts and performance based skills; all while encouraging the development of their teamwork, leadership and confidence abilities- qualities they will be able to translate to all aspects of their lives.

Athletes in AEC teams are able to compete at a number of cheerleading competitions, both nationally and internationally, while Schools athletes compete at the Schools Showcase held at the ExCel Centre- Talent Central works with up to 20 schools a term, it’s a fantastic way to promote social cohesion and community spirit!


Talent Central is based at the Gallions Reach retail park in Beckton, Newham. It is here that we deliver our Jitterbug and Bounce tumble classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday- a provision that allows us to work with up to an extra 100 young people a week! The athletes ages range from five to seven in the Jitterbug class, and eight to twelve in the bounce class; they often have little tumbling experience and are able to develop these skills regardless of their ability.

What Now?

It is amazing being able to have such positive role within the community. However, as our programmes grow, so does the need for staff. We are so proud to be able to announce that we are launching a Junior Leadership Team for the 2017-2018 season. These young people have come through the AEC programme and understand what it means to be a member, and what the purpose of AEC is; they will work with members of the community much in the same way as when they were first inspired to join the programme. Their placement secures AEC and its mission for years to come, and creates future employment opportunities for them too.

We can’t wait to see them progress as they transition from athlete, to coach and junior leadership team.

Meet the team:

Nina- Tumble Coach

Samanta_ Tumble Coach

Leyla- Tumble Coach

Harmony- Schools Coach

Emma- AEC and Schools Coach

Lillie- AEC Tumble Coach

Louise- AEC and Tumble Coach

Brooke- AEC Coach

Simone- AEC Coach

Stephanie- AEC Coach

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