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Angela Green: #FlashBackFriday

Occasionally, you come across a rare gem, and this week that is exactly what happened. When you've been around for 22 years, lots of documentation is produced; a lot of it often goes missing. Well this week we picked up a huge amount of paper work from our original location, Ascension Church. Having gone through said paperwork, we found what can only be described as the vision of a teenager who would one day lead Team England to Gold. Dating from the early 2000's (01/02), this is the essay Angela wrote when responding to the question: How can the role of Team Britain actively advance the cause of cheerleading in Britain, both as a team and as individuals? Nearly 20 years later she wears a World's Winners ring on her finger.


With its rising popluarity, through competitions and other promotional events, cheerleading is gaining massive support throughout the country. In fact, cheerleading is taking lead as one of today’s fastest growing athletic activities. The key word is athletic- cheerleaders are athletes performing stunts and routines that require skill, talent and hard work. Participants have the opportunity to work out, be part of a team, take part in competitions and to also have the opportunity to audition and represent their country as the best in British Cheerleading.

Team Britain has the ever challenging task of promoting British cheerleading in not only a favourable light, but also in the right light. Many people have stereotypical views of what they expect a cheerleader to be; it is Team Britain’s job to challenge these stereotypes. However, Team Britain is not just about promoting British Cheerleading but is also responsible in other areas.By promoting and being part of events such as the ‘Scottish Open Cheerleading Championships,’ Team Britain is able, not only to encourage the growth in the country, but also the standard.

Another area which team Britain must also find itself responsible, is leading by example. Members should be aware that other cheerleaders, especially from the younger generation who are often more easily influenced, will look up to them. This means, that both as a team and individuals, members should act impeccably at all times.

Team Britain as a display squad has many advantages over normal squads- without the pressure of having to compete, they can take the advantage of using all of the different skills each member has to produce an excellent display for the Championships, and also give others something to aim for.

Team Britain has the advantage of performing at large events, sometimes televised, or made available on the internet. Hopefully, this will encourage other people to join in: by either joining a local squad, or creating a squad of their own, in turn boosting the overall numbers involved in British cheerleading.

Team Britain has also in the past year branched out and started to do workshops, this hopefully will improve the standard or cheerleading in the country, and encourage squads to participate in competitions.

Team Britain is also a great way of squads mixing and cheerleaders making new friends, members or not. This will hopefully reduce the rivalry between squads and produce the atmosphere we all hope for… especially at competitions!

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