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AEC Athlete Donates Hair to Prince's Trust

We are super proud of Destiny athlete Ella, who after a year’s worth of growing, finally had her hair cut so she could donate it to the Prince’s Trust.

Ella’s Story:

“I originally chose to donate my hair because I was inspired by a YouTube advert; it was about a little girl who had cancer. I spoke to my mum and asked if it was possible to donate my hair- she fully supported me and together, we started to research it. We found a donating page called the Prince’s Trust and everything gathered speed from there!

Fast forward a year, my hair reached 52cm and was ready to be cut. It costs between £300-500 for a wig to be matched to a person’s specific hair colour. It makes me happy to think that in donating my hair I’ll be helping someone else- even if it does mean having short hair for cheer comps!

Now I have achieved my goal I feel very proud. Thank you to everyone who has supported me.”

What Ella has done is amazing! Not surprisingly, she sees it as no big deal and just doing something little to help someone else. What an amazing young person she is- Well done Ella!

You can read more about Ella's story here!

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