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Future Cheer Spotlight Showdown

On Saturday 10th March, the Ascension Eagles competed at Future Cheer’s Spotlight Showdown, their second competition of the season. During an incredibly busy day that saw AEC start at 7.30am and not finish till past 8pm, the Eagles demonstrated their credentials with an excellent day of performances!

Here are their results:

Prodigy Mini prep 1- 1st place (Grand Champs)

Harmony Youth 1- 1st place (Grand Champs)

Dynasty Youth 2- 2nd place

Destiny Junior 1- 2nd place

Prophecy Junior 2- 1st place (Grand Champs)

Majesty Senior 2- 1st place

Eternity Senior R5- 1st place

A huge congratulations to all the athletes who took part, their parents for supporting them, and their coaches for working hard to put together the most amazing routines.

Massive shout outs to Prodigy, who continued their excellent form by becoming two-time grand champs- the average age of the athletes on this team is just 6! AND 85% of them are completely new to the sport! Ones to look out for in the future there… did someone say Team England?

Well done to Harmony and Prophecy, who built on their impressive season debuts by being crowned Grand champions in their respective divisions and age groups.

This was a great way to build confidence as the intensive road to nationals begins- let’s see what the rest of the season brings!

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