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Talent Central Schools Showcase

One of the projects we are most proud of at the Ascension Eagles is the Talent Central Schools programme. Every year, our coaches work with up to 20 schools in the borough of Newham- reaching over 400 young people across primary and secondary school weekly.

This means that we have the opportunity to impact the lives of the people we work with. Through a fun but physically demanding exercise, athletes learn the value of leadership, teamwork, and confidence, while also instilling positive self-value and esteem. Through this work, we believe we are helping to shape the future community leaders of tomorrow.

Each term we hold a competition at the ExCel Centre in Custom House. Each team has 10 sessions (spread out across 10 weeks) to learn, and master their routines in preparation for the competition. Then, athletes, their parents and teachers come along to perform their routines in a competition like environment. All teams are rewarded for their efforts, with special recognition going to teams who did particularly well on the day.

A key focus for these competition days are community cohesion. Like many London boroughs, it is not always easy for young people to just be young people; this makes socialising with new people difficult. The TC schools showcase is a great platform for just this to happen- young people from different schools having the opportunity to meet, have fun and cheer each other on.

All in all, athletes go home happy and looking forward to the next competition!

Don't believe us? Then watch the video below!

We would also like to thank the ExCel Centre for donating time and space for us to be able to put on such a special competition for young people in the local community. Your support makes all the difference.

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