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Try Outs: Do’s and Don’ts

With nationals upon us, it can only mean one thing... It’s nearly try-out season for the UK cheer scene! That means a lot of you are going to be retrying out for programmes you’re already apart of, or you’ll be looking at new opportunities.

Either way, your personal try out can be quite a stressful experience because you’ll want to be able to showcase all of your skills to the best of your ability, AND without any hiccups!

To help you get through, we’ve put together a list of key try out do’s and don’ts…


  • Be humble - showcase your talents where and when it’s appropriate. AND… Only do skills that you feel confident you can perform- you don’t want to be the person who says they can do certain things, then fail to deliver- it sets a poor precedent, and first impressions count!

  • Be aware of how you come across to the other athletes - be positive and encouraging to those around you. Try to make friends/meet someone new, or welcome someone new. You could potentially be spending a lot of time with them and it’ll do great for team morale in the long term!

  • Be honest about your past - if you’ve been on other teams previously, be open about it. It’s not about judgement, but transparency is key. Remember, a lot of programme coaches and directors know each other- THEY DO TALK!

  • Ask questions - get as much information as you can to ensure the team is for you- we’ve all been in situations where athletes leave after a day, a week, a month and even just before comps. Give yourself and your team mates the best possible chance of success!

  • Talk to the coaches - make yourself known as a friendly face; it’s not just your skills that make you a memorable person.

  • Be yourself- that’s the main thing coaches are interested in (Do you fit? That’s so much more important than the skills you have to offer).


  • Don’t be rude/ disrespectful to staff members or other athletes. Your try out starts as soon as you enter the building!

  • Don’t be arrogant and brag about your skills

  • Don’t try and make someone else feel unworthy or less talented than you because they can’t do the same skills.

  • Golden Rule - don’t argue with coaches over team decisions as they know what’s best for you, your development, and the wellbeing of the team.

A final note: All coaches will ‘get’ that you had your heart set on a certain team- everyone wants their moment in the spotlight. Coaches DO NOT make decisions that are personal. Team placements are based on what is best for the athlete, their families, the team, and the programme. Your time WILL come! Besides any team you’re on is what you make of it… you might be surprised by what you achieve!

Good Luck at try outs from all of us at AEC; we wish you all the success in the world!

Omnia Causa Fiunt

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