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This was the greatest ‘Show’ Down!

The Ascension Eagles continued their impressive start to the 18/19 season with an incredibly successful weekend at Future Cheer’s Spotlight Showdown. Over the now two day competition, the Ascension Eagles were able to record: 1 fourth place, 1 third, 2 seconds, 4 firsts, as well as two grand champs. It’s a great time to be an eagle.

Here are the teams’ placings:

  • Prodigy- 3rd place Mini Prep 1

  • Harmony- 1st place Youth Prep 1

  • Symphony- 4th place Youth 1

  • Destiny- 2nd place Junior Prep 1

  • Royalty- 2nd place Junior 1

  • Prophecy- 1st place Junior 2 and Grand Champs youth and junior levels 2-3

  • Majesty- 1st place Senior 2 and Grand Champs senior levels 2-5

  • Eternity - 1st place Senior 4 co-ed.

Spotlight Showdown is a favourite on the calendar because the cheer family can get together in one big group and cheer on the athletes as they demonstrate just how hard they’ve worked. Charlotte, parent to Prophecy athlete Taya said: ‘Prophecy, you were amazing. You blew us away! Was brilliant to watch; I’m so proud!’

I think it’s fair to say that this can be said about all of our teams this weekend.

As always, thank you to all the parents and carers who put in the time with their athletes to ensure they, and their teams, can be comp ready. We couldn’t do it without you!

Next stop- Nationals!

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