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Female Leaders in the Workplace workshop with Royal London

On Wednesday 10th April 2019, members of the Ascension Eagles attended a Female Leadership in the Workplace workshop at Royal London- delivered by some of Royal London’s most successful female leaders: Susan Spiller, Emily Benson, Claire Richards and Antoinette Irvine.

The session was structured so that AEC members were learning about themselves- their own strengths and skills- as well as about well-known female leaders, and what the traits of a successful leader are. It was a privilege to be able to see our young people discussing everything from popular culture to politics with clear and articulate arguments, while being able to discuss themselves with mature impartiality.

JLT Member Rosa said that ‘Today was a good experience; I was able to express my views on women and feminism. It also made me realise the worth, power and the history of women and how they’ve influenced society.

JLT member Simone echoed this by saying, ‘It was a great opportunity to hear what other women had to say about being confident and speaking out by believing in your voice in a working environment that is still largely dominated by men.’

These young ladies demonstrated today just how successful they could be in the future as leaders and we’re incredibly proud of them.

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