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Eagles bring 23rd season to a close in style!

The Ascension Eagles brought down the curtains to an incredible season at Future Cheer Internationals, the most prestigious competition in the UK. A season’s worth of hard work accumulated in 2 minutes and 30 seconds with teams hitting personal bests, winning championships and really giving the audience something to get behind and enjoy.

AEC recorded 2 National championships, 2 second places, 2 thirds, a fourth and a sixth. Given that this was Future Cheer Nationals, we couldn’t be prouder of the incredible achievements of our athletes, who handled themselves with grace and dignity throughout the entirety of the weekend.

Here are the teams’ placings:

Prodigy- 1st place Mini Prep 1

Harmony- 2nd place Youth Prep 1

Symphony- 3rd place Youth 1

Destiny- 6th place Junior Prep 1

Royalty- 1st place Junior 1

Prophecy- 4th place Junior 2

Majesty- 2nd place Senior 2

Eternity – 3rd place Senior 4 co-ed.

Then, at our annual awards evening following Future Cheer Nationals, we were proud to find out that after Prophecy’s performance at the weekend, they were awarded with an Invitation to next year’s Varsity Summit competition- a highly prestigious National event where teams from across the world compete to become champion and earn themselves a Summit National title ring!

After this incredible achievement- the first Summit bid AEC has received- Coach Sammie Bromley, who coaches Prophecy said: ‘I am so proud of these athletes, they’ve worked so hard all season. It’s great to see the potential of these athletes come to light. They’re our future!’ Anna, who coaches Junior 1 National Champions Royalty said: ‘This season has been great for the members of Royalty; each athlete has grown so much- both in the gym and outside of it. I have learned so much from coaching them and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these wonderfully talented young ladies.’

In a touching gesture, Prodigy parent Claire Schiasse said: ‘Thank you (Frankie- Prodigy coach) for standing by Melissa’s side. I appreciate your patience, and your determination. I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made, and all the things you had to deal with just so she could become a better cheerleader. Thank you for building up her confidence. Finally thank you for changing her life, because you truly did. God bless you your family and all the AEC TEAMS.’

This season, AEC has recorded an incredible: 11 first place regional and national championships, 9 seconds, 6 third places, and 6 fourth, fifth and sixth places. We are proud to say that Prophecy, Majesty and Eternity were also the winners of Grand Championship trophies- for being the highest scoring teams in their categories.

AEC had champions across all age groups this season: Mini, Youth, Junior, and Senior. We are so proud to have had so many championship moments. What makes us prouder though, is the positive impact that we can see cheerleading has on our young people.

See you next year as we soar into 24.

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