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This Girl Coeds

On Friday 23rd August, a UK and possible World first took place at Talent Central Cheer and Dance: This Girl Coeds.

Coaches at AEC, Unity and EMCA, felt like the celebration of female contribution to cheerleading should carry to ALL aspects of the sport, inclusive of partner stunting. There are already a number of athletes trailblazing female partner stunting and we wanted to help facilitate and encourage that growth.

Our programmes came together, alongside Derrick Turner (World Champion athlete for team USA) and the UK’s most famous all-girl duo, Beth and Macie, to deliver a clinic geared towards the development of female partner stunting. As you will see from the video below, the results were incredible. In only 3 short hours the team was able to assist over 50 athletes in their stunting development, going from basics such as walking ‘lift’ drills to walk-in extension. The hunger from the athletes was insatiable and went a long way to showing that partner stunting is definitely NOT just for boys!

One base, an 11 year old, had this to say about the day: ‘It was the first time we had partner stunted and we both had an amazing time and learned so much. I couldn’t believe that we could achieve this and can’t wait to get back into the gym and keep practicing. Watching Beth and Macie inspired us as to what we could achieve if we work hard. Thank you for organising This Girl Coeds.’

Amanda Johnston, Unity Allstars Director said: ‘I just want to thank each and every one of you who came to the very first ever TGC camp on Friday. The talent and attention to detail from both athletes and coaches was amazing and the achievements, smiles and energy was incredible. I hope that the hard work continues at home and I would LOVE if we can get pairs together to compete at an ICC specialty event on 28th June 2020 next year. How amazing would that be (more info coming soon)?’

Thank you again to everyone who came and made This Girl Coeds possible. We will definitely work towards more camps like this- watch this space!

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