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Eagles achieve Gold at the Copperbox!

The Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders began their 2019-2020 season in style with a string of fantastic results at Legacy Cheer and Dance’s Just Believe competition- held at Olympic venue, the Copperbox arena.

The first competition of the season is always a nervous one for coach and athlete. You want to do well and be competitive, but it’s also hard to gage where you are in comparison to other programmes. However, after months of hard work and routine adjustments, AEC landed at the Copperbox arena determined to make a statement.

Exceeding expectations, AEC recorded: 4 first places, 1 second place, a third and a fourth. Alongside this AEC won THREE grand championships for achieving the highest scores across the prep 1, Senior 1, and Senior 2 divisions. It was also great to see one team win the overall performance of the day award.

Here are the teams’ placings:

  • Prodigy- 1st place Mini Prep 1

  • Symphony- 1st place Youth prep 1 and Grand Champions

  • Destiny- 2nd place Junior Prep 1

  • Royalty- 1st place Senior 1 and Grand Champions

  • Prophecy- 3rd place Junior 2

  • Majesty- 1st place Senior 2, Grand Champions and Overall Performance

  • Trinity – 4th place Senior 3 co-ed.

The was also an incredible performance from AEC's SEN team, Serenity, who stole the show with their amazing performance. You can watch this via the video link below!

Programme Director, Angela Green said: ‘This was a great way to kick start the season. Hopefully we can use this as a launch pad for future competitions!’

Junior Coach Siann, who assists with Youth Prep 1 team Symphony, had this to say: ‘I’m still reminiscing over how amazing this weekend was! Our beautiful ladies of Symphony made me and Mel Brown so proud- division winners and grand champs, we couldn’t have asked for any more!’

As always, thank you to all the parents and carers who put in the time with their athletes to ensure they, and their teams, can be comp ready. We couldn’t do it without you.

Next stop, FC Spotlight Showdown!

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