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AEC volunteer at the BonnyDowns Elder Project

On Tuesday 26th November, volunteers from AEC visited the Bonny Downs Elder project in East Ham, Newham. The project is dedicated to supporting the needs of Newham's older and more vulnerable residents.

Our volunteers helped prepare the venue, catering, and took part in the 'Spooky Quiz' which was, surprisingly, more competitive than you might imagine for a Tuesday mid-morning in October. They did a fantastic job, getting stuck in and socialising with the project's members.

Michelle Farrell, project director, said how lovely it was to have AEC members volunteer, and that the 'elders' have really enjoyed meeting them. It was also a rewarding experience for our volunteers, with one of senior level 2 team athletes saying 'I'm really glad I came. It was nice to meet them (project members) and spend time talking to them. I especially enjoyed the quiz.'

There were lots of laughs, stories shared, and connections made. We can't wait to visit again in the future!

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