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Ascension Eagles - Symphony


Symphony are now our established youth level 1 team, who are entering their third season. 

Through diligent coaching and high expectations, this team has really come together, embodying the term sisterhood. They work hard and continue to lift each other to soaring new heights.


We can't wait to see what this team achieves this season!

My athlete wasn’t coping at school at all - crying all the time, saying she was ill etc. Her anxiety levels were so bad she was referred to the school counsellor. She ended up seeing the counsellor for 2yrs.


I think AEC has played a really big part in her healing. It has given her great friendships and has shown her positive role models. It's given her something that she can be proud of- it's given her goals to achieve and memories to cherish. I've particularly loved seeing her relationship with her coaches evolve over the past 2 years.


The difference in her now to 1-2 years ago is immense. She's happy, she's much more confident, she's content. So thank you for all AEC has done for her over the past 2 years.

AEC Parent

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