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Our Impact

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Reaching young

Each year we serve over 100 young people through our competitive and recreational programmes, and over 250 school children through our after-school, outreach programme.

We contribute to improving the physical and mental health of young people, particularly young women. As well as helping them to keep fit, we enhance their future employability and give them life skills which will improve their potential for success.

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Support all the way

The support we give our young people is about so much more than helping them to be the best they can be as athletes 'on the floor'.

For example, we provide academic support and mentoring programmes for athletes who are in danger of under-achieving. 

Many of the athletes participating in our mentoring programmes have asked to join because they have seen it make a profound difference to the lives of their friends and teammates.

Our impact in numbers

All indicators cover September 2022 to August 2023 unless otherwise stated

How we measure our impact

Our impact is measured through our Theory of Change framework and regular feedback from our athletes.

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Our impact
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Theory of Change

Collecting Feedback


We set out our Theory of Change in 2019. It defines the outcomes we want to achieve from our activities and the indicators we use to measure those outcomes.

We regularly benchmark how our athletes are feeling so that we can offer them the support and pastoral care they need and to identify potential areas in which we could improve the services we offer.

Our teams consistently come top in competitions and we are recognised as one of the UK’s most successful youth cheer initiatives. 

Take a look at our infographic to find our more about our impact


Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders is a registered charity (No. 1106766) and a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (No.04197666)

Useful links

Read our Trustees' most recent report to find out more about how we make a difference for young people.

Call us:
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Our policies

We take our responsibilities very seriously. Here you can download some of our polices:

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